Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lip-rageous Haul - Maybelline Baby Lips!

Hi everyone! I've been sick for about a week now and haven't felt like doing anything, but I do have a few videos saved up.  If you follow me on YouTube, you'll notice I just uploaded a couple.  I'm using ones I previously filmed so I don't have to do any filming right now.  It's been miserable being sick, but I wanted to keep you updated on new products I've been trying.  My last post was all about the Revlon lip butters, and this one will focus on Maybelline's new lip products.
I first saw the Baby Lips balms in my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond and although I was intrigued, I didn't know anything about them.  They were just kind of sitting in a jar on a shelf in the cosmetics section with no explaation about what they were.  I was curious, but felt no need to buy another lip balm that I didn't need (none of my rare moments of self-control).  THEN I saw them featured in a video by EleventhGorgeous...and had to have them.  They are basically a tinted lip balm, but they are soo pretty.  They are the kind of product you can carry around in your pocket or your purse and aply without a mirror while still achieving a fresh and polished look.  What I especially love about these balms is that they are scented (yay!), but they are not flavored (boo!).  There are about 4 tinted shades, and 2 that are colorless.  I have 3 of the tinted balms: Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, and Grape Vine.  Here's what they look like:

From left to right: Peack Kiss, Pink Punch, Grape Vine

Here they are swatched on my lips (in the same order):

Peach Kiss: shimmery peach color (peach scent)

Pink Punch: bright, true pink (fruit punch scent)

Grape Vine: sheer berry (sugary grape scent...I would describe it as what grape Sweet Tarts smell like)

For a better idea of the colors, here are some swatches on my arm:

The first swatch on the left is from Carmex, which I will talk about in my next post.  Then from left to right are Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, and Grape Vine. 

As you can see from the swatches, Peach Kiss is the only shimmery color, and because of this it is my favorite of the three.  It gives off a glossy shine that the others don't have.  Peach is also a nice color for many different skin tones, so I think it would be the most universally flattering color.  I really like the pink color as well, but it's not a unique color that you would not be able to find elsewhere.  Grape Vine is a nice sheer berry color, but you need several layers to make the color show up well.  Because of this, it may be extremely difficult to get it to show up on darker skin tones.

Overall, they are pretty moisturizing and I really enjoy the color they give to my lips.  I would definitely purchase them again.  They sell for around $5 and I think they are now available at pretty much any drugstore or Target. 

Have you tried Baby Lips, or other tinted balms? Which ones are your favorites?

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