Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Shopping Wish List

So, with the holidays coming up I have been investigating different products that I may want people to get me as gifts (or gifts to get myself!).  Mostly I ask for products that I wouldn't buy myself because they are more expensive (the Naked palette, the Tarte for True Blood palette, etc.), but there are also some drugstore products that have caught my interest.

Recently, YouTuber emilynoel83 posted a drugstore haul video that included a new product: revlon lip butters.  After reading a few blog posts on them, it sounds like these buttery soft lipsticks are so good you can't just buy one!  They are described as being a nice sheer wash of color and come in many flattering shades of peach, pink, nude, and red.  Curiously, they are not listed on the Revlon site, but bloggers insist that these lip butters are going to be a permanent part of the Revlon collection.  I have not seen any in drugstores near me yet, but supposedly they will be made widely available come January. 

Another lip product that is causing buzz online is Maybelline's Baby Lips.  These lip balms come in both colored and clear versions.  The YT bloggers from eleventhgorgeous did a whole video on these balms raving about them.  The colored balms seem to take several coats to really show up well, but still give a pretty tint to the lips. 

A third makeup product that has caught my interes is the Milani Liquif'eye eye liner.  I've heard that this pencil compares to the Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils because they are so smooth and creamy they go on like a liquid.  However, I have heard that the pencils that can be sharpened are better than their automatic versions. 

If anyone has tried these products, let me know what you think!  And if there's something else I should be adding to my shopping list, I'm always looking for new products to try!

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